Case Study: how Phase AI helps employers with talent pipelines and time-to-hire
Using Natural Language Processing and a robust candidate pipeline, Maison Battat was able to find and hire a unique candidate in 26 days

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Maison Battat hires a data analyst in 26 days


Maison Battat is a family-owned toy company that encourages kids to be bold, curious, and playful. For over 45 years, they have offered a range of engaging toys for babies, toddlers, and young children including Driven™ tough trucks to dolls of Our Generation™.

In order to expand their marketing efforts into new and international online sales channels, Maison Battat was seeking a data analyst for their e-commerce and marketing team. They wanted to hire a unique candidate with marketing and e-commerce experience who was a self-starter, fast learner, proficient in another language, has lived abroad, and shares their passion for improving the lives of children through play and education.

Phase AI used its Natural Language Processing-driven algorithm to search for potential candidates for this role. A search produced a list of candidates but the top one was clearly the strongest match: Sogra. Sogra had previous experience as an analyst and was the ultimate self-starter having created an award-winning smart toy while she was working at a toy startup. She also had international experience and spoke a second language.

Phase AI only shared Sogra’s profile with Maison Battat. Within a couple of weeks of being introduced to the company, Sogra accepted the job offer. The entire process from introduction to her first day on the job took a total of 26 days.





“Phase has been a fantastic talent partner for our company. We hired the first candidate they sent us -- she was experienced in our industry and had a great analytics background. We went from first candidate introduction to first day on the job in 26 days.”

Head of Amazon Business Unit,
Maison Battat






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