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What’s your Data Science resolution for 2021?
Asked on 2020-12-27 05:18 by H L.

Traditionally,  New Years resolutions are something to the effect of losing 15 lbs, or quitting some bad habit.  For this group, I wonder if anyone has any Data Science Resolution for 2021?  Build a portfolio?  Finish a coursera course? Get some certifications?

It’s be fun to hear what everyone is thinking about and would love to collaborate if there is an opportunity.

Response #1
By Wojciech G. on 2020-12-29 04:38
I love this question, thanks for asking the community. What is yours?

My personal resolution is to launch a new analytics product. We've been focusing a lot on talent and recruiting here, and it's been a lot of fun... but I can see how this relates to broader talent and HR analytics challenges companies have. After seeing some of the research in this space (e.g., this handbook), I'd love to spend 2021 learning as much as possible about this space.

Response #2
By H L. on 2020-12-29 05:32
Wojciech, that sounds super interesting.  Looking forward to see/hear any sneak peeks on this and I’m sure this community is more than happy to give raw and unfiltered (but constructive) feedback.

As for me,  I’m trying really really hard to have a “Just do it” mentality when it comes to my Data Science development.  In 2020, I will say I got a bit too obsessed with job hunting, which led to me chasing the data science technologies a bit too much (OOP programming, deployment theories, portfolios, fancy algorithms, trying to do what the superstars of DS are doing )and in the end,  it resulted in a whole lot of nothingat the end of the day because of the sheer overwhelmingness. And to tell your the truth, since I wasn’t familiar with all these things, I wasn’t too interested in it, which led me to procrastinate.

However, stepping a big step back, there’s 2 things I’m committing to doing ( have already started), which is 1) get the AWS Cloud practitioner certification, and 2)pass the Tensorflow certification exam.  It’s in line with my interests, it’s not too foreign,   And it will give me good fundamentals and reinforcement to what I already know.

Other than that,  also just a general mindset shift.  Its so easy to get stuck in the job search cycle, that you put off your current role. However,  I do think with enough effort, I can leverage my current work and turn it into something meaningful for future roles

Response #3
By Michelle W. on 2020-12-29 22:40
Hi HL! Whats Tensorflow course are u taking? My goal for 2021 is to build my first neural net model end to end!! Id love to know what courses u'd recommend or have already taken or would recommend.

H L. on 2020-12-30 04:58:
Hi MIchelle,  for the tensorflow certification, they do have a “recommended” material which is the “Tensorflow in practice specialization” on coursera. It seems that this is a “must use” reference in order to pass the exam.

Other resources I’ve used in the past is the book “Hands on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow”.  I’ve also purchased some random courses here and there on Udemy when it’s on sale, and those are usually good too.  Other than that, I’m currently doing a Masters in DS, which is also good and is something that’s “official”.  If you have. Any questions on anything I just mentioned, I’m happy to elaborate.
Michelle W. on 2021-01-01 21:39:
Thank u!! Happy NY!!