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Podcast: Language and the Brain, with Alona Fyshe
Asked on 2021-02-01 16:41 by Lex S.

For those looking for interesting Podcasts or updates, the Allen Institute for AI has a great one NLP research and advances. This episode in particular is fantastically interesting... It's discussing how there's a correlation between neural network model layers (and activity of thereof) with actual brain imagine... In other words -- we might actually be finding biological evidence of relationship in how neural networks work and how our brain works.

Dr. Fyshe's work is super interesting. Her recent papers dive into the details above, for anyone interested.

Response #1
By Wojciech G. on 2021-02-02 19:06
Hi Lex,

This is really, really fascinating research. I listened to the full podcast. The idea that there's a correlation between how computational neural networks mimic and store information, and how biological neural networks do so, is really cool. I guess this is early evidence that we might be on the right track when it comes to simulating human intelligence? I hope they can expand their work on more advanced brain imaging to enable this.

Thanks for sharing!
- Wojciech

Response #2
By Andrea Y. on 2021-02-04 03:07
So fascinating! I'd love to see more research on this...thanks for sharing @Lex.