A data recruiter's guide to standing out of the online crowd

By Andrea Yip on November 10, 2020


Data science is a crowded industry. Standing out and getting noticed by potential employers and collaborators can be challenging, particularly when we’re managing online personas across multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Github, Medium, YouTube, and more.

Andrew Savage leads Data Recruiting at Faire.com, an online wholesale marketplace and store, and knows how to identify great technical talent. We recently invited Andrew to share his insights on how data professionals can grow their online presence as a part of our Phase AI webinar series. Here are Andrew’s top 7 tips on how to get your accomplishments as a data professional noticed online:

  1. Want to be found online: First and foremost, help recruiters find you online! This means that you have easily discoverable content that demonstrates why you’re an amazing hire. Create a human presence by having a profile photo and talk about yourself including your portfolio, projects, awards, and thought pieces. Have examples and projects that back up the way you describe yourself. Being active online helps demonstrate to a recruiter that you will be an active and engaged participant at their company.
  2. Complete your LinkedIn profile: This cannot be stressed enough! LinkedIn is the number one way that a recruiter will look for you online. Make sure you clearly describe your past work experiences and highlight accomplishments beyond your day job. Ensure that your profile is public and visible to recruiters outside of your immediate network. Note that it’s a red flag to recruiters when a candidate’s LinkedIn and resume are noticeably different.
  3. Have an elevator pitch: Be concise with your words and use key language that helps a recruiter quickly understand who you are, what you’ve done, and what you want to do. Remember that a recruiter may be sifting through hundreds of resumes on a daily basis and has limited time and energy to invest in a single profile. In fact, they may spend as little as 6 seconds scanning a candidate’s resume, so make sure your information is top heavy.
  4. Describe yourself with a clear title: Having a clear title for your online profile like “Data Scientist” will clearly flag to a recruiter who you are and what skills you have. Your title should suggest that you hirable. Language around being a student or an “aspiring” data professional may suggest you’re not ready for a job. Also be thoughtful about how you use titles like #OpenToWork as this may raise unnecessary questions about your job status.
  5. Leverage personal connections and referrals first: First degree or secondary connections are the best way to network your way into a company. A human connection will always give you an advantage. Prioritize warm leads over cold outreach or online applications.
  6. Be thoughtful when you reach out to recruiters: When messaging a recruiter, be brief, personable, direct with your ask, and thankful. Going to them with a broad ask to “learn more”, “grab coffee”, or “hop on a call” will fall flat unless there is a clear value add that you’re bringing to the table. Prove that you know something about the company and that you have something of value.
  7. Leverage other online platforms: Medium, Twitter, Github and similar sites are great ways to show off your work. Get your ideas published and re-published. Make your work across these sites easy to find and keep them active.

We hope these tactical tips help you as you open yourself up to future job opportunities. Remember that it’s never too early to reach out and start building a relationship with a prospective company. In fact, connecting with a company when there isn’t an open role can be a less stressful way to keep yourself open to future opportunities.

Watch Andrew’s full talk for more advice.