Phase AI collaborates with Vector Institute to help AI graduates accelerate their careers

On February 2, 2021



Phase AI and the Vector Institute will provide programming to 2,000 AI graduates from Ontario through a series of webinars and personalized coaching sessions.

Phase AI is collaborating with the Vector Institute to support and upskill artificial intelligence (AI) graduates across Ontario as they enter the workforce. Despite a growing demand for data and AI skillsets, employers and potential employees alike struggle with role definitions, talent matching, and career planning. The compounding effects of the global pandemic have exacerbated the challenges and competition in securing AI roles in today’s job market.

Phase AI is a talent community for data and AI professionals to connect, learn, and advance their careers. Today’s announcement with the Vector Institute builds on Phase AI’s experience preparing data and AI candidates for the job market, promoting AI thought leadership from across North America, and using machine learning to match job candidates with employers.

“We know that starting and navigating a career in AI isn’t straightforward,” said Wojciech Gryc, Co-Founder of Phase AI. “We are proud to work with the Vector Institute to improve graduates’ career prospects. We view this as an investment toward enabling greater social mobility within Canada’s workforce.”

Together, the Vector Institute and Phase AI will provide programming to 2,000 AI students and graduates from across Ontario through a series of webinars and personalized coaching sessions. The six-week program kicks off in February.

“We are excited to be working with Phase AI on this priority initiative,” said Melissa Judd, Director of Academic Partnerships at Vector. “Vector is committed to AI workforce development, to supporting students and recent alumni in pursuing their career goals and ultimately strengthening the AI ecosystem in Ontario.”




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