Planning Your Path: How To Become a Leader in Data and AI

Phase AI and Vector Institute on March 13, 2024

This webinar was recorded as a part of a webinar series in collaboration with the Vector Institute.

Having a long-term career plan is incredibly important, even before you land that first data/AI job. It’ll give you the confidence to apply for your dream job, you’ll do better in interviews, and you’ll move more quickly than your peers (or competitors).

This webinar covers recent trends in the data/AI jobs market, with a focus on how you can stand out and plan your long-term career. It covers the following:

  1. Employer and hiring trends in 2024, and how this might impact your planning
  2. Career paths and options (e.g., experts, managers, leaders, niche roles) for data/AI practitioners
  3. Frameworks and strategy tools for making strategic career decisions
  4. Panel discussion with industry leaders

Download slides presented during the webinar.