Accelerating Your Career via Your Online Presence

Phase AI and Vector Institute on February 12, 2021

This webinar was recorded as a part of a three-part series in collaboration with the Vector Institute.

Your online presence won’t just get you your next job, it’ll accelerate your entire career trajectory. This session will show you how employers seek talented AI hires, and how you can optimize your profile to ensure you stand out in their recruiting processes. We will dive into the specifics around LinkedIn, building a resume and data science portfolio, communication, and networking. This session will also provide tips on maintaining your profile to boost your career path, post-hire.

This webinar will explore:

  • Understanding applications from the employer perspective
  • Presenting your vision and objective
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and resume
  • Why you need a portfolio
  • Best practices and etiquette for networking

Download the one-page tip sheet from this talk.