Six tips for applying for jobs on our data jobs board

By Wojciech Gryc on December 1, 2020


At Phase AI, we are thrilled to be helping data professionals grow and accelerate their careers. Our job board finds and lists dozens of data jobs every day.

  1. Do your best to apply first. We sort jobs chronologically and you can review jobs that we’ve found over the past 4 weeks or so. However, being the first candidate for a role can be a powerful statement and will make you stand out--particularly before hiring managers are overwhelmed.
  2. Don’t just focus on the top-tier brands. We often find that data roles in smaller cities or with midmarket companies have only a few candidates, while roles with popular brands can have 1000s of applicants. If you have a specific role you are seeking or are just getting started, consider applying to the less popular brands.
  3. Emphasize your broader skillsets. We find that applicants who have data science experience and experience in a different field (art, design, sociology, literature, etc.) are often very applicable for unique roles. For example, we recently helped place a candidate in an analyst role at a toy company, and her experience designing toys and children’s products made her a unique and special candidate. Read more about this.
  4. Link to a portfolio or personal website. Ensure you include this in your cover letter or within your resume. Having beautiful, clear portfolio with end-to-end projects is extremely important.
  5. Clean up your LinkedIn profile and make it as concise and results-oriented as possible. See our advice from Andrew Savage, a data recruiter, for more tips.
  6. While we post internships, most companies don’t advertise internships broadly. You can see our discussion here. If you’re a student, work to connect with companies directly via career fairs, events, or through your school’s local programs.

Good luck with your search!




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